Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Effective from April 4 2020



This is a Taimi Ventures Oy (later YogaMama.TV) privacy policy in according to the Finnish Law on Personal Data and EU GDPR legislation. This privacy statement includes information on how YogaMama.TV handles personal data. We ask you to carefully review this privacy statement carefully before using the website, subscribing to the newsletter, filling in a contact form, registering as a user or buying online courses.

To provide the best service to our company customers and end users of the courses, we collect and handle some data about you. We respect you privacy and are committed to protecting it. This privacy statement describes what personal data is gathered, how we handle it, and what rights and control you have to this data.

YogaMama.TV reserves the right to update this privacy statement when needed. As YogaMama.TV is continuously developing the service and the website, we ask you to check the privacy statement from time to time.

By using this website, subscribing to the newsletter, filling in a contact form, joining as a content creator, registering as a user, buying online courses or otherwise using our services, you accept that we handle personal data about you according to this privacy statement.



YogaMama.TV is an online course platform for mothers that is owned and maintained by Taimi Ventures Oy and that operates on


For what purposes do we gather personal data?

The primary uses of gathering, storing and handling personal data are:

  • Maintaining customer relationship
  • Maintaining customer information and credentials
  • Identifying users
  • Providing the service
  • Billing
  • Developing, planning and analyzing the business, website and services
  • Marketing
  • Responding to contact requests and questions
  • Fulfilling contract terms
  • Fulfilling legal requirements
  • Targeting services

What personal data is gathered and from what sources?

YogaMama.TV gathers data on the urers when the user uses the website, subscibes to the newsletter, becomes a content creator, fills in a contact form, registers as a user, buys online courses, updates their user profile or in other ways uses our services. In addition, we may store information that the customer gives in email, over phone, through social media, in contracts, in customer meetings or other situations.

For company customers becoming content creators we collect at least the following data:

  • Company name
  • VAT ID
  • Person or user name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Postal address
  • User name
  • Password (safely hashed)

For end customers we collect the the following data:

  • Name
  • Email
  • registration date
  • Postal address
  • User name
  • Password (safely hashed)

Data related to payments made by end users are transmitted in a secure form directly to Stripe, so we do not store your credit card information. On payments we only store the following information:

  • Stripe payment service customer id and payment id
  • Last 4 digits of the credit card number and expiration date (to send reminders on cards that are about to expire)

When a user visits YogaMama.TV website, the users computer sends automatically certain technical and other data (e.g. IP address, browser type, and where they came to the website). YogaMama.TV uses also cookies to track how the user is using the website and to direct the user into sections requiring log in.

By giving personal data to YogaMama.TV the user accepts gathering , using and transmitting personal data according to and for purposes described in this privacy statement.


For what purpose are personal data handled?

We make sure we always have a purpose for handling your personal data required by law. Wee may handle your personal data on several grounds. We handle your personal data to fulfil our contract and legal requirements. We also handle your personal data based on our rights related to offering our service and practicing our business and developing it. Some personal data may also be handled per your permission.


Who are handling my data and are they transferred to third parties?

Personal data is primarily managed by YogaMama.TV administrators. YogaMama.TV uses also third party vendors to produce and maintain its services and personal data can be transferred to these types of vendors if and only to the extent that is necessary. In these situations we try to ensure that personal data is transferred and handled according to this privacy statement and applicable law. We might also transfer your data if we were part in a merger or acquisition.

Personal data can also be handed over to authorities if this is necessary to conform to applicable laws or orders.

YogaMama.TV may include links to other websites and include content from other websites. These websites are not in control of YogaMama.TV nor is YogaMama.TV responsible for their content. If a user visits a linked website, the use of that website happens according to the privacy statement of that website.


Is my personal data transferred outside of the EU?

Some of the vendors of YogaMama.TV or the servers where data is processed, might be located outside the EU or ETA regions. Otherwise, we do not systematically transfer your personal data outside of the EU or ETA regions.


How long is my personal data stored?

We do not store your personal data longer than is necessary for the purpose of use or what the contract or law requires. Personal data retention times may vary based on purpose of use and situation.


How is my data stored?

Your data is stored on our vendor's servers which are protected according to industry standards. Collected and processed personal data is managed confidentially. Access to your personal data is protected by personal accounts, passwords and access rights.


Is sharing my data mandatory?

If you do not give us the aforementioned personal data or allow us to manage them, we cannot deliver the service or fulfil the purpose of our business. If you do not want us to handle your data according to this privacy statement, we ask you to not give us any data.



Does the website use cookies?

We use cookies on our website to offer the best possible user experience for our visitors. Cookies are short text files which the web service stores on the user's main device. Cookies give us information on how the users are using our website. We may use the cookies to develop our services or our website, to analyze the use, or to target and optimize our marketing. User of the website can give their allow or disallow the use of cookies in the settings of their web browser. Most web browsers automatically allow cookies. Please note that disallowing the use of cookies may restrict the functionality of the website and prevent you from using its services.


What rights do I have over my data?

Consent withdrawal

If we are handling your data based on your consent, you can any time withdraw the consent by informing us over email at

Access to data

Users can at any time view their own user data by logging into the website or by contacting YogaMama.TV.

You have the right to receive a confirmation from us on whether we are managing your personal data and be informed on what personal data we are managing.

Right to fix mistakes

You have the right to ask that we fix any faulty or expired personal data. You also have the possibility to update your personal data on the service.

Right to disallow direct marketing

You can disallow the use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes by sending email to In all marketing emails we send, there is always a link through which you can unsubscribe from the email list.

Right to object to managing data

If we manage your data based on public interest or our legitimate interest, you have the right to object to handling personal data on you to the extent that there is no significant reason which would override your right or that handling the data is not required to fulfil a legal requirement. Please note that in this situation we would probably not be able to provide a service to you.

Right to limit handling of data

In certain situations you have the right to demand that we limit the handling of your personal data.

Right to have the data transferred

If we have handled your data based on your consent or to fulfil a contract, you have the right to receive personal data that you have given to us electronically.


How can I exercise my rights?

You can exercise the aforementioned rights by sending us email to The data controller can ask the party sending the request to prove their identity if needed. The data controller responds to their customers within the timeframe set in the EU data privacy act (generally within a month).


Can this privacy statement be updated?

We may update this privacy statement if there are changes to our business or principles with data privacy. Updates may also be needed when there are changes to the legislation. Changes will come into effect once we publish an updated privacy statement. Thus we ask you to check the content of this privacy statement at regular intervals.


Data controller contact details

Taina Pere
Taimi Ventures Oy
Lönnrotinkatu 28 B 4
00180 Helsinki