Terms of Use

Updated April 13 2020

1. Terms of Use


1.1 Yleistä

Website https://www.yogamama.tv ("YogaMama.TV") is a service platform selling online courses for mothers and other service products. The owner and maintainer of the platform is Taimi Ventures Oy (VAT-ID FI30853549). 3085354-9).

These general terms of use concern every customer who has purchased service products on the platform ("Customer") and other people who have an account in YogaMama.TV ("User"). By ticking the box accepting these terms of use when creating an account or purchasing a service product, a person agrees to these terms of use and also the service product specific terms which are explained on the sales page of the service product.

There might be additional terms related to offers and campaigns which come into effect when using an offer or campaign code and these will be effective in addition to these general terms of use. The user is responsible for staying up to date on these terms and the other terms related to offers or campaign codes they use.

Taimi Ventures Oy preserves the right to change thse terms of use. Changes are communicated via email to those who have subscibed to the newsletter. If the User has not given their consent for us to send them the newsletter, they need to stay on top of changes in these terms of use themselves.

1.2 User account in YogaMama.TV

To purchase service product on the YogaMama.TV platform, you need to create an account on the platform, which makes you a User. All user accounts on YogaMama.TV are personal so you can only have one user account on YogaMama.TV. When registering a user account, you need to give your email address and choose a password that works when logging in together with you email address. To register, you also need to give your real name, street address, phone number and payment details. You need to update these information whenever there are changes. If upon registering you give YogaMama.TV a permission to send you the newsletter, you will also become a "Newsletter Subscriber".

One user account can be associated with one or more subscriptions to a service product. When you order one or more paid service products, you become a Customer.

When you buy service products from YogaMama.TV and get access to their content, you are responsible that no content or functionalities are handed over to third parties. YogaMama.TV can restrict your access to the service and your user account if you infringe on these terms of use.

YogaMama.TV has the right to change, limit, propose, end or restrict the use of service products. These changes are communicated beforehand so that you have full right to cancel your subscripton or remove your user account if you do not accept the changes. Using YogaMama.TV or its service products can be temporarily impeded due to technical or other problems.

1.3 Being a Customer on YogaMama.TV

In order to register to YogaMama.TV you need to be at least 18 years old. You can make a purchase as a private person or as a company.

If you want to buy your company several subscriptions at once, contact our administration by sending email to admin@yogamama.tv. If your company buys more than one subscription, you and every person using the accounts purchased by your company assures that every account is for personal use only.

1.4 Payments and paying

Every service product sold on YogaMama.TV is priced separately and every price includes value added tax.

When ordering a service product you give YogaMama.TV permission to charge your account according to the pricing of the service product. For monthly subscriptions or other recurring orders of service products, you are charged when you make the order and at regular intervals according to agreed subscription period until the subscription is cancelled. For service products bought for a one-off payment you are charged when you make the order.

YogaMama.TV reserves the right to change the pricing of all service products. If the changes concern a recurring subcsription (e.g. monthly subscription) pricing the Customers of that service product are informed well in advance before the changes come into effect, and you have the right to cancel your subscription or remove your user account if you don't accept the changes. YogaMama.TV reserves the right to offer discounts to the service products - e.g. for new Customers or purchases of multiple service products at once. Possible discount campaigns do not affect existing subscriptions of service products.

The payment provider on the service platform is Stripe which is a third party payment provider.

1.5 Right to cancel

Unless the service product specific terms state otherwise, the digital delivery of the service product contents starts immediately before the 14 day cancellation period in the Finnish law, which means that per se the Customer does not have the right to return the service product.

For recurring (e.g. monthly payment) subscriptions, subscription periods paid before the cancellation are not refunded or returned. If the subscription is not cancelled latest by the last day of the subscription period, it is always automatically renewed. YogaMama.TV does not offer refunds or on subscription periods that are only partially used.

Unpaid payments for a service product give YogaMama.TV the right to cancel the subscription or restrict access to the contents of the service product in question.

Cancelling recurring subscriptions of service products has to be done through the user account settings on YogaMama.TV.

1.6 Campaign codes

Campaign codes make it possible to buy service products for a discounted price or for free for a limited period of time. Unless stated otherwise in the campaign code terms, campaign codes can only be used by new YogaMama.TV Customers and the same person can only use it once and cannot combine it with other offers or discounts.

1.7 Changing the content of the service products

The contents of the service products can be used via the YogaMama.TV website using computer, tablet or smart phone. Using the contents requires an Internet connection. The picture quality of videos may vary depending on what device is used. YogaMama.TV does not guarantee any certain level of quality or continuous availability of the videos - e.g. due to slow or poorly functioning Internet connection.

1.8 Limitations

YogaMama.TV or the creators of the service products sold on its platform ("Creator") own the intellectual property rights to the whole service platform and the contents of the service products sold on it ("Content"). To reserve this right, there is technology on the website that protects digital information and restricts you from viewing Content created by YogaMama.TV or the Creators according to the terms of use. Please consider that:

  1. All Content is for personal use only, unless agreed otherwise.
  2. You do not have the right to encourage or help anyone to copy, borrow, send, distribute or otherwise hand over the Content.
  3. You do not have the right yourself or through encouraging or helping anyone to bypass, modify, remove or encrypt any Content.

All breaches against these terms of use give YogaMama.TV the right to immediately without any notice restrict your access to the service or service product you have purchased. Our Creators have the right to use relevant parts of these terms against you.

1.9 YogaMama.TV platform

YogaMama.TV platform is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week except for short maintenance breaks. YogaMama.TV cannot guaranteee that there would not be problems resulting in discontinuities in the service. All use of the service platform is at your own responsibility and risk.

YogaMama.TV is no in any circumstances responsible for injuries or losses, direct or indirect, that are caused by mistakes or faults on the website or from using the website. YogaMama.TV is also not responsible for accidents or injuries caused by using the service products created by the Creators.

YogaMama.TV is also not responsible for any slowness or discontinuities in data transfer, Internet or telecommunications problems or a third party stealing, changing or otherwise inappropriately using communications of the User.

YogaMama.TV strives to avoid the service platform of being infected with viruses, but cannot give a full promise of this. 

1.10 Improper use

You do not have the right to download, send via email or in any other way disseminate any content that contains a virus or other code or file that is designed to interfer, destroy or limit the functionality of a program that is on a computer directly or indirectly linked with YogaMama.TV. You are not allowed to interfere with the servers or networks that are connected to the websites or our other services or damage any functions, practices or rules that are associated with the website.

You are not allowed to impersonate another person when using the website or act in a disturbing manner or use the website in an illegal or hurtful manner.

To ensure a smoother service YogaMama.TV installs a small cookie (text file) on your computer. When you return to the website, the cookie makes it possible to identify you and make it easier and faster to log in. When using the YogaMama.TV platform you accept the use of cookies.

1.11 Intellectual property rights of the content

All Content (including YogaMama.TV software and all the material on YogaMama.TV or in the service products) is owned by Yogamama.TV or the Creators, unless stated otherwise. These parties own the intellectual property rights to all the content on the website. You arer not allowed to use the content of the weebsite in any other way than what is allowed in the terms of use unless you have received a written permission from YogaMama.TV. Creators and YogaMama.TV have the right to use relevant parts of these terms of use against you and pursue legal action in infringements on the intellectual property rights.

YogaMama.TV is a trademark of Taimi VenturesOy. You have no right to use YogaMama.TV trademark without the written permission by Taimi Ventures Oy.

1.12 User commetns

In parts of the YogaMama.TV platform and its Content there is possibility for the Users to post comments. By posting comments on the YogaMama.TV platform you agree to these terms of use. YogaMama.TV does not inspect the User comments and is not responsible for their content and give any guarantees related to them.

YogaMama.TV reserves the right to remove User comments or close and/or restrict User access to the platform without any warning if the User has infringed on these terms of use.

By posting comments on YogaMama.TV platform you give YogaMama.TV the right to use them in marketing purposes, such as for creating ads. YogaMama.TV can also link comments or parts of them to other materials that has been posted by other Users or created by YogaMama.TV or any third party.

If you post comments to YogaMama.TV platform you need to consider the following:

  • You need to own the rights to your comment or you need to have the permission of the author to post it
  • Your comment may not include illegal, offensive, hurtful, pornographic, racist, bullying, ethically offensive, crime-promoting or otherwise inappropriate or improper content.
  • Your comments cannot market any service, product or company.
  • You comments should not contain anything that can be used to identify any person (e.g. name or address) that is younger than 18 years old, and if the person is over 18 years old you must have their permission to post the comment.
  • You do not have the right to impersonate another person.

1.13 Links to other websites

YogaMama.TV contains links to other websites. YogaMama.TV does not inspect or take responsibility of the content on these other websites. YogaMama.TV is not responsible for the availability, data privacy practices, content, ads, products, services or any other content offered by these websites. YogaMama.TV is not responsible for any damages or losses caused by using these websites.

1.14 Personal information

Terms related to handling personal information is described in a separate Privacy Statement. By using YogaMama.TV, you also accept that we collect and handle your personal information according to what is described in the Privacy Statement.

1.15 Term infringement

YogaMama.TV is not responsible for faults on the website, service products sold through YogaMama.TV or delays with the terms applying to YogaMama.TV that are caused by reasons out of YogaMama.TV control.

YogaMama.TV must always be given a change to fix any mistakes before it can be considered an infringement on the terms.

YogaMama.TV reserves the right to close the service for reasonable periods of time due to e.g. updates and maintenance.

1.16 Conflicts

In all matters related to YogaMama.TV Finnish legislation is applied. Possible conflicts between YogaMama.TV and the Users are always primarily solved through negotiating.