Prenatal yoga with Jutta Lecklin

Do you want to prevent typical pregnancy problems? Do you want to prepare your mind and body for the upcoming birth? Are you wondering how to practice safely during your pregnancy?

You have probably heard of a wide range of ailments typical of pregnancy, such as back and pelvic pain, strain on the pelvic floor, and various imbalances in the body. You propably know that exercising during pregnancy is very important, but you may feel uncertain about what kind of exercises are appropriate and safe to do with a growing belly. It is also very natural to wonder about and want to find suitable ways to train your mind and body for the upcoming birth.

These are all very typical thoughts during pregnancy, for which prenatal yoga is an excellent solution.

Prenatal yoga is a gentle way to prepare your body and mind for childbirth

The word “yoga” is Sanskrit and means connection. During yoga practice, the body, mind and breath are connected. Many studies have shown that practicing yoga during pregnancy can help to achieve a wide range of benefits for the mother’s body and mind while it can also support a successful childbirth.

During pregnancy, yoga can help to reduce back and pelvic pains, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and body balance. Studies on prenatal yoga support the positive effects of yoga on the mind, e.g. through reduced stress, depression, and anxiety. Maternal relaxation and lower stress levels also reduce fetal exposure to stress hormones.

It is really important to learn to breathe deeply as well as to learn ways that can help you to relax between contractions. The various yogic breathing techniques can help to deal with pain and save strength during childbirth. Indeed, pregnancy yoga has been combined in studies with faster and more painless childbirth and a reduced risk of complications during childbirth.

Prenatal Yoga with Jutta Lecklin is an online course designed to support the health and well-being of mother and baby during the pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga with Jutta Lecklin online course consists of yoga, breathing, meditation and relaxation exercises suitable for pregnancy. This training is designed by a Finnish maternity yoga instructor Jutta Lecklin (RYT200). These exercises help you to eliminate stress, to prevent typical ailments during pregnancy, such as back and pelvic pain, and to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, body balance and to strengthen also your mind’s ‘muscles’ on the way to the birth of your baby. This coaching also strengthens, solidifies and improves both mobility and body control. During this course, you will also learn breathing techniques, postures ideas and images that you can also utilize during the childbirth.

Online video exercises can be done conveniently when and where it suits you best

Prenatal yoga courses have been a popular way to exercise during pregnancy and prepare for childbirth for decades. Traditionally, prenatal yoga classes have been physically organized in yoga studios, which always requires a commitment to a specific schedule and travel on site. With a growing belly, walking often becomes difficult and even painful, that is why online video coaching is necessary and convenient option for many pregnant mothers. With online training, you can practice exactly where it suits you best – in your own living room, for example – and exactly at the moment that best suits into your busy daily life.

How is this different from other prenatal courses and coaching?

Prenatal Yoga with Jutta Lecklin is a prenatal yoga course that you can do completely online.

Jutta’s guidance is not about performing, instead the exercise is approached through gentleness and listening to your own body. In addition to videos, the coaching program provides solutions and tips for building your own weekly plan, but the expecting mother is encouraged to move forward at her own pace and in a way that she can appreciate her own needs.

Unlike many other pregnancy exercises, prenatal yoga focuses not only on the physical side of the exercise, but holistically including body, mind and breathwork. In addition to effectively but gently strengthening, flexing, and balancing yoga postures and sequences, online coaching also includes breathing, meditation, and relaxation exercises that remove stress and prepare your mind to relax during the childbirth.

Pregnancy yoga takes into account the needs of a changing body

Pregnancy affects the body in many ways and for this reason many physical requirements must be taken into account during exercise during pregnancy. Among other things, hormones that increase joint looseness, uterine oxygen supply, and a growing abdomen place restrictions on the movement of the expectant mother and the yoga asanas used in the exercise.

For more experienced yoga practitioners, a big challenge during their pregnancy is curbing the pace and challenges of their practice. During your pregnancy, it is important to take time to listen to your own feelings so that you can identify what is good for yourself and for your baby.

Prenatal yoga takes into account the special needs of the expectant mother and advises on safe practice.

What does Prenatal Yoga with Jutta Lecklin online course include?

  • 25 exercise videos – including 22 yoga videos and 3 breathing exercises / meditation (dubbed into English)
  • Pregnancy week-specific instructions for using the exercises
  • Exercises of various lengths from five minutes to one hour
  • Videos can be viewed on mobile devices, PC and TV (Apple TV)
  • Course materials are available 12 months after purchase

Customer feedback


”Relaxed and clear way of instructing. The videos are clear and easy to follow. The duration of the videos is excellent.”

I want to prevent pregnancy related ailments and prepare my mind and body for childbirth.

The online course price is only EUR 27 (incl. VAT) and gives you access to all the materials for 9 months.

Get to know the instructor

Jutta Lecklin is a Finnish yoga instructor and mother of three. She has received her RYT200 certification to teach yoga from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy in India. She has extensive experience teaching varioous yoga styles, such as hatha, sivananda, bikyasa, power yoga, and yin yoga. Jutta has been teaching prenatal, maternity, mother-baby, and mother-toddler yoga. In addition, she teaches relaxation and breathing exercises, meditation, mindfulness and stretching classes.

When I was expecting my first child, I did yoga throughout almost the whole pregnancy. After the initial nausea had passed, yoga helped me in many ways: e.g. my digestion worked great, I slept deeply, and my lower-back pains subsided. I believe that also by baby has benefited in many ways from my yoga practice - e.g. she has slept very well. I wish that as many mothers and babies as possible will benefit from my yoga classes and meditations offered in this course.

How do I use the online course?

  • When purchasing the course you get a personal account
  • You will get access to all of the course materials immediately
  • The exercise videos can be used on all mobile devices, laptop and tablet + TV (with Apple TV)

Frequently asked questions

At what stage of the pregnancy should I start this course?

The exercises have been designed especially for the second and third trimesters of the pregnancy. However, you can start exercising them already during the first trimester if you are feeling alright, familiar with yoga, and your doctor has not instructed you to avoid exercise in the first trimester.

I have never tried yoga before. Can I participate in the online course? 

The online course does not require you to have experience with yoga. The course is suitable for anyone who is healthy and has had a healthy pregnancy. The exercise videos introduce alternative postures so that you vary your practice – whether you’re just beginning or already experienced in yoga.

Yes! I want to get access to Prenatal Yoga with Jutta Lecklin online course.

The price of the online course is only EUR 27 (incl. VAT)  and gives you access to all materials for 9 months.